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Infinite A.I. Marketplace-on-a-Chip

Infinite AI Marketplace-on-a-Chip is a suite of zero-code, one-click Artificial Intelligence apps.

Ean chukwuemeka Mikale jd

  • Project Description

    Infinite A.I. Marketplace-on-a-Chip is a premium Suite of zero-code, one-click Artificial Intelligence Applications. Included applications include world-class Health, Wellness, and Smart City applications for cutting-edge Clinical Research, Commercial Prototyping, and Educational Experiences. The device can be used as a desktop system, integrated into a Smart Home/Smart TV ecosystem, used remotely via telehealth applications, or in-person for diagnostics. The COVID_VISION Covid-19 detection application has undergone clinical trials with 100% accuracy compared to the PCR blood test, and is currently undergoing FDA Emergency Use Authorization processing. Our Forever A.I. Application, can detect 77 different health indicators, such as Alzheimer's, Common Cold, Flu, Autism, Stroke, Depression, Pain, and more. COVID_VISION Molecular, can detect various strains of the Covid-19 virus. COVID_CROWD_VISION can detect a covid-positive person in a crowd a persons. Infinite City, can detect 67 various classes of Urban Objects, for prototyping and exploring Smart City applications. Deer Vision is another application catering toward Counties, Cities, Federal and State government, as the device can actively, rather than passively detect deer in day or low-light environments, saving human lives. Providence A.I. is the World's most advanced emotional artificial intelligence, able to detect up to 50 emotions and body gestures that reveal human mental states, for various applications.
    Infinite A.I. Marketplace-on-a-Chip
  • Why is the timing right for your idea?

    In the midst of the Pandemic, you have countries like India, with over 3,000 deaths per day, with little medical infrastructure, and few Doctors per 1000 patients. Our device will allow Doctors to access Forever A.I., in order to Augment the screening work of a Physician, in order to more rapidly triage patients, and allow patients to more quickly access healthcare. The device also allows for Covid-19 screening among populations that do not have a Physician in remote villages. However, because often remote populations have mobile phones, but not hospital facilities, our technology allows a patient to upload their facial image from their mobile device, from anywhere with cellular and/or internet connectivity, allowing for remote screening.

  • What is your competitive advantage?

    Our device is non-invasive, providing enhances safety for the medical staff as well as the patient. Our device has been compared to the PCR test and "Gold Standard" for Covid-19 screening. Our device allows for screening in-person and remotely. Our device is convenient, allowing or a suspected Covid-19 patient to be screened from anywhere they can use their mobile device. Our device can screen for many diseases rather than just one disease. Our device is the fastest disease screening device in world, capable of screening for multiple diseases in 1.5 milliseconds. Our device comes with a Suite of Applications for world-class Education and R & D. Our Applications are 1-click, requiring little to no-training for staff implementing the tech.

  • What will you do with $10,000?

    With the $10,000 we will purchase inventory, toward a $20,000 contract we have in September. The rest will go toward marketing/sales automation software for Linkedin.